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De Briques
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The earth of the North, a clay soil, with its soft shapes
With its slow-running, muddy rivers
A sticky sediment, but one which is both malleable and fertile.

A worked soil; one that people from all over the world have come to work,
Back when factories sprung up like grass.

Land of brick, with no stone for building,
The earth is baked, then the walls go up for homes, churches and factories,
whose brick chimneys, red becoming black,
clutter the horizon.

Since 2007, the LNL (Association Non-Lieu) in a series of events entitled “BEFFROIS DU TRAVAIL” or the ‘Belfries of Labour’ has been paying homage to factory chimneys. The chimney, as an icon of the work of men and women of our region, is celebrated in a variety of activities including the people involved.
In 2017 the Association Non-Lieu is focusing on the materials used to build these totemic landmarks, the bricks used and the builders who constructed them, deploying their incomparable skill.
Brick is ubiquitous in Northern French landscapes and provides the region with one of the predominant colours in its palette –a thousand different shades of red, warm, somewhat melancholic, sometimes even magnificent.
To showcase the sculptural beauty of bricks, LNL is reaching out to the people who turn the firing of clay into an artistic pursuit, ceramists and potters.
To undertake this major tribute to bricks, the LNL has enlisted other bodies with different characteristics who share the strong desire to promote working with the earth: the WCC•BF (Mons-B), the Douai school of art, the Ceramic Association of La Borne and the Centre de céramique contemporaine of La Borne (F).


Éric ASTOUL, Pálma BABOS, Jean-François BOURLARD, Anne BULLIOT, Charlotte COQUEN,
Bernard DAVID, Nathalie DOYEN, Isabelle DURAND, Yoshimi FUTAMURA,
Charlotte GIGAN, Jérôme HIRSON, Jacques KAUFMANN, Coryse KIRILUK,
Rachel LABASTIE, Aline LAFOLLIE, Anne-Marie LAUREYS, Jean-Claude LEGRAND,
Gislaine TRIVIDIC, Clémence VAN LUNEN, Camille VIROT, YAMIKI.


Exhibition from 3 February to 13 March 2018
Private View: Saturday 3 February from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Private view is preceded by a conference of Olivier Muzellec at 5 pm.

Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm.

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