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Setsuko Nagasawa
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Of the work of Setsuko Nagasawa, it could be said that it tends towards pure physicality, that she goes down to the limit of its meaning, and this concentration is carried into the choice of the shape of the material, using geometry and the static nature of horizontality.

This first approach, where objects seem to offer themselves up with no mystery in the desire to give a direct reading, does not correspond with what one should expect from this method of working. For the objects in themselves are nothing, even if within the beauty of a completed thing is to be found. They are places of radiation, their forms tending to disappear through a function which we can sense with a careful reading.

So waiting for this kind of ceiling beyond which it seems to be impossible to go is the very condition for going “somewhere else”. And it is from this point that scenes of an active presence begin to show themselves, so that this stripped body is the sign of its blossoming, as if the aim were to be forgotten by its expansion, so that something lighter, more intangible spreads out into space.

Just a bare few noticeable interventions in the making of the object: fragile joints, light pressure until breaking point, delicate brilliances, restrained tonality, and already space is receiving like a perfume, like a resonance, and sends back to signify it. There is great privilege in having been able to feel this point zero through a precise medium; of having found the form with a gesture close to the means employed that then transports you elsewhere in a more universal agreement which could not remain a prisoner of itself. This apparent definition of form needed to assaulted with gentleness and sensitivity for it to fulfil its spatial, poetic vocation, without corrupting it any way by the slightest anecdotal trend. Like a boat launched on an expanse of water, Setsuko Nagasawa leaves a trace of her movement, radiating out behind her.

Philippe Lambercy

Exhibition from 29 April to 6 June 2017
Private View: Saturday 29 April from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Private view is preceded by a chance to meet the artists at 5 pm.

Open every day from 11 am to 7 pm.


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