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Maie Rancillac
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Marie Rancillac studies nature, taking her models from it, and she lends these a permanence in the more enduring stoneware.
In her memory she has retained a sense of wonder from her childhood, and she extends this sense by using her hands to rediscover the natural beauty of plants.
Fruit and vegetables lend themselves to modelling with chamotte clay. Playfulness sneaks surreptitiously into her work based on a careful observation deflecting to humour tinged with poetry.
Marie Rancillac reveals relationships between forms to create multiple interpretations, playing hide and seek with the senses. We believe we know this particular fruit and yet there we are, charmed by the strange organic forms that are funny, even mischievous.
This artist’s career allows her to be completely bold. Her power to evoke and her never-failing ability to unleash our imagination with her inventiveness make her sculptures into a Garden of Eden where we can wander with no regard to time.

Lydia Harambourg

Exhibition from 18 March to 25 April 2017
Private View: Saturday 18 March from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Private view is preceded by a chance to meet the artists at 5 pm.

Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm.

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