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Jérôme Hirson
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Jérôme Hirson lives in the Berry region, the left bank of the beautiful, meandering Loire Valley, punctuated with rich islets of sand on the outskirts of Sancerre. He has made the choice of his material and the simplicity of forms… to be consistent with itself and to assert itself with authority in the protean world of contemporary ceramics.
In the workshop of Dauphine Scalbert at Puisaye-Forterre, Jérôme Hirson is learning to master this stoneware which is almost black when unfired.
He is gradually abandoning the wheel, preferring modeling.
 Jérôme Hirson uses slip and a translucent glaze that seems to transport us right to the estuary where the action of the waves, the ebb and flow reveals the foam… dying on a beach strewn with the debris of shells. Applying this whitish slip onto rough clay, covered with large grains of chamotte makes us think of those moments outside of time….the only thing missing is the mineral sound of the surf. The subtle nuances are revealed when the slip is stretched, passing from milky white to gloomy green, to pretty metallic oranges and reds coming from the iron oxides. Jérôme Hirson plays around with opposites, the opposition of smooth and rough, glossy and matt.
He comes from the North of France and is a bit reserved, perhaps a way for this solid worker to make us feel his ‘poetic touch’ with a coded reading that only the light can reveal.
It seems clear that Jérôme Hirson goes right to the essence, with no a prioris. His ceramic work is just like the man himself, simple and timeless culminating in hard work as a cardinal value.

Thierry Bucquoy
Ligueux, Septembre 2016

Exhibition from 10 June to 18 July 2017
Private View: Saturday 10 June from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Open every day from 11 am to 7 pm.


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