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Daniel Pontoreau
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For Daniel Pontoreau, changes in the scale of the pieces, the use of a range of materials, the smart simplification of formal systems, in certain cases going up to the point of having open principles leading to non-form, are gradually engaging him, committing him to work in the same way as a set designer, choosing stripped-down volumes to communicate an osmotic world vision. Pontoreau creates works which belong firstly to the domain of emotional vibration, oscillating between the solid and the fluid, from the prosaic to the poetic, from something cobbled together to the clearest kind of formal mastery. They demand from the spectator that he accepts uncertainty in order to comprehend what is happening in the gaps between what is visible. Because what makes them simultaneously both expressive and abstract is that you cannot look at them without bringing your own thoughts to bear and without breaking through the circle in which we are imprisoned by daily life. They elude precise definition, located within the intuition of the senses, even in magic thoughts, in the place where the concrete language of signs, forms and materials is harnessed to describe a mythical vision of space.

Anne Tronche
(Extract published in Opus International 1984)

Exhibition from 29 April to 6 June 2017
Private View: Saturday 29 April from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Private view is preceded by a chance to meet the artists at 5 pm.

Open every day from 11 am to 7 pm.


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