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Grands Feux 2017
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Exhibitions taking place at the Ceramics Centre during the Grands Feux event.
Entrance 3 €

> Johan Creten

Johan Creten
On the left: a large storage pot from the kilns of Echizen - Edo Period (1615-1868) 18th Century, Japan © DR On the right: Johan Creten, Bases, 2016 – Shot of the studio © Johan Creten

> The 66 ceramists of the ACLB

Exposition des artistes permanents

Pain Maïs

To close out the Grands Feux in a festive atmosphere bringing together all of those involved in this week of warmth and friendship, come and join as on Saturday 4 November at 9 pm in La Borne’s village hall with the cajun group called "Pain d'Maïs"
Entrance : 5 €.

Support is provided for The Grands Feux event 2017 By the

Terres du Haut Berry

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The third year of the ‘Grands Feux’ event will focus on the meeting place where French and Russian come together.


Grands Feux It has long been a tradition among the ceramists of La Borne to exchange professional ideas around working wood-fired kilns. Don’t forget that the firing of stoneware clay at high temperature has been going on in this area since the 15th century, because of the presence of clay and wood surrounding the village of La Borne. The Grands Feux reveals this world of fire and earth to the wider public. While the work of the ceramists is being fired, you can enjoy a packed programme of events, including demonstrations of the skillsets of La Borne’s ceramists and their Russian guests, conferences, film projections, events and courses for adults and children, exhibitions, an evening dance. Don’t miss out on this warm-hearted autumn event, running from 28 October to 4 November at La Borne.



Point your cursor to the underlined names to find out the scheduled programme for each kiln
  • Jeltje Borneman
    Suzanne Daigeler, Heike Rabe
  • Emmanuel Buchet
    Hervé Billard.
  • Cuisson Franco Russe (four CCCLB)
    Dimitri Ilinskyi, Tatiana Suizeva, Sergueï Sorinskyi, Alexandra Stepanova, Ivan Frolov, Sergueï Sukharev, Eric Astoul, Lucien Petit, Hervé Rousseau, Charlotte Poulsen, Pep Gomez, Fabienne Claesen, Caroline Giraud, Claude Aussage.
  • Nicole Crestou
    Stéphane Dampierre, Marianne Roubaud, Josiane Chevalier, Jean Chauveau, Vincent Lallier, Labbrigitte, Dominique Coenen, Bruno Comparet.
  • Dalloun
    Félix Galland.
  • Frans Gregoor
  • Jean Guillaume
    Claudie Charnaud-Guillaume, Josiane Chevalier, Marianne Roubaud, Dalloun and two sculptures of Jean Lerat.
  • Jean et Marie Jacquinot
    Françoise Autran, Ingrid Guilbert, Patrick Lefebvre, Bettina Beylérian.
  • Dominique Legros
    and his students.
  • Chantal Magne Nirdosh Petra van Heesbeen, Jacques Laroussinie, Francois Maréchal, Bernadette Stokwielder, Céline Alfroid-Nicolas, Christine Limosino-Favretto, Francine Michel
  • Nicolas Rousseau et Maya Micenmacher- Rousseau, Delphine Barbry, Aline Lafollie, Remy Pujaczkowski-Roussell (Australie), Laure Sulger.
  • Hervé Rousseau et Isabelle Pammachius
  • Thierry Sivet, Corinne Betton,Thierry Dupuis, Jérôme Hirson, Renaud Regnier.
  • Charlotte Poulsen.
  • Raphaël Meyer, Fabienne Claesen, Caterina Sciancalepore, Roberto Bagetto, Lucien Petit, Machiko Pozzo, Cécile Noguès (artist in residence to Charlotte Poulsen).
  • Sylvie Rigal
  • Jean-Pol Urbain Jacques Dumery, Jacques Lamarre , Michèle et Jean Letessier, Isabelle et Jean-Yves Hacquard, Petra Van Heesbeen , Jeltje Borneman
  • Svein Hjorth Jensen
  • Cuisson raku au CCCLB : animé par Dalloun, François Maréchal et Jean-Pol Urbain
Raku firing at the CCCLB
1 and 2 November
Possibility for visitors to glaze and fire a bowl (fee charged for event)
Sylvie Rigal
- Loading the kiln: Tuesday 31 october and Wednesday 1st november
- Firing on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 november in a train kiln
Charlotte Poulsen
Firing from 28 to 31 October.
Svein Hjorth Jensen
Firing from 31 October to 4 November.

Jeltje Borneman
- Firing Saturday 28 October.
- Emptying of the kiln Monday 30 October

Nicole Crestou
- Firing: 29 October
- Emptying of the kiln: 4 November 2 pm

Workshop with Nicole Crestou and Josiane Chevalier

- Children’s Workshops: Masks and facial expressions or modelling animals
Monday 30 October 2pm to 4 pm
Tuesday 31 October 10 am -12 noon
Thursday 2 November 10 am -12 noon
Friday 3 November 10 am -12 noon
Price: 15 € per session

- Adults’ Workshops: 
Wednesday 1 November: paper kiln
Introductory workshop for modelling and introductory workshop for glazes
Tuesday 31 October 2 pm -4 pm
Friday 3 November 2 pm -4 pm
Price: 16 € per session

For information, call: 0033 (6) 22 05 49 02
Dominique Legros

- Firing on 3 November in a direct fired Gallo-Roman kiln at 1280°C.

Hervé Rousseau et Isabelle Pammachius
- Firing from 30 October to 3 November

- Firing 28 October
Frans Gregoor
- Firing 4 November
Nicolas Rousseau et Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau

- Pre-heating 29 October until 4 pm.
- Firing from the evening of 29 October to the evening of 30 October.
- Emptying the kiln Saturday 4 November from 11 am.

Franco- Russian Firing (four CCCLB kiln)
- Loading the kiln: 28-29 October
- Firing: from 30 October to 3 November

Chantal Magne

- Sunday 29 October: pre-heating from 4 pm
- Monday 30 October: firing from 5 am
- Wednesday 1 November and thursday 2 november 10 am to 12.30: deformed teapots
 Friday 3 November: emptying the kiln.

Exhibition in the studio of Chantal Magne:
Chantal et Alain Magne, Jacques Laroussinie, Céline Nicolas, Francois Maréchal, Christine Limosino, Bernadette Stokwielder, Nirdosh Petra van Heesbeen, Francine Michel.

Emmanuel Buchet

- Loading the kiln 28-29-30 October
- Firing 31 October 8 am to 1 November 5 am
- Emptying the kiln 4 November from 11 am to 5 pm

Jean Jacquinot
- Firing from 28 October 2 pm to 29 October 5 pm

Jean Guillaume

 - Firing: 31 October 10 am to 5 pm

Jean-Pol Urbain: salt kiln at the Ceramics Centre
- Loading the kiln: Friday 27 October
- Firing: Saturday 28 October
- Emptying the kiln: Monday 30 October


Three ceramists present their skills to you.

Dimitri Illinskyi: 28 october 11 am
Sergueï Sorinsky:
29 october 4 pm
31 october 4 pm
Throwing a section of a large pot.
3 and 4 November 3 pm
Throwing pots using the ‘tour à bâton’ technique.
Projection of the film of when he and Roz Herrin fired the Talbot kiln in 2005.
* Free, booking not required.


Throwing pots: 3 days
27-28-29 october : 240 euros


> Paper kiln
Wednesday 1 November: From 10 am
> Introductory workshop for modelling, and introductory workshop for glazes
Tuesday 31 October from 2pm to 4 pm
Friday 3 November from 2pm to 4 pm
Price 16 € per session
Reservation : 02 48 64 69 12  -  06 22 05 49 02


From 28 October to 4 November:
Around La Borne with Miguel Camamero: inhabit and interpret the surroundings of the village in dance.
Performance at sunset on November 3 at 5 pm around the Ceramics Centre.

François Guerroue : 07 83 26 82 85


There will be projections of short films about ceramics throughout the week.
From 30 october to 4 november at 5 pm.


> Sergeï Sukharev
"Contemporary Russian Ceramics”
28 October 6 pm

> Jean Chen and Emmanuel Marot
"Ceramics in the Berry region across the centuries"
Sunday 29 october 6 pm
> Dalloun
- “Terra Sigillata, historic ceramics and contemporary design”
1st November 6 pm
- "Travel Diary: Taiwan"

4 November 6 pm
> Lucien Petit
Latgalian potters in Latvia.
30 October 6 pm


> Workshop with Nicole Crestou and Josiane Chevalier

- Children’s Workshops: Masks and facial expressions or modelling animals
Monday 30 October 2pm to 4 pm
Tuesday 31 October 10 am -12 noon
Thursday 2 November 2 pm -4 pm
Friday 3 November 10 am -12 noon

Price: 15 € per session

Nicole Crestou’s workshop, Loye, Morogues Tel.: 0033 6 22 05 49 02

Stage enfants

Mentions légales -
© Centre céramique contemporaine La Borne