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Démonstration de tournage
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Adult and Family Groups

In La Borne and surrounding area there are around 100 ceramics workshops.
We invite you to discover the techniques of working with clay, our village’s heritage and the vitality to be found in contemporary creativity.
Our multimedia room is available to you for your meetings, buffets, cocktail parties ,etc.


Demonstration of throwing a pot and a visit to the Centre

A potter will welcome you and show you the techniques of creating a pot on the wheel.

  • Properties of clay
  • Beating the clay
  • Throwing open and closed pieces
  • Throwing a pot from a lump of clay
  • Attaching handles

Following the workshop demonstration, he will then go on to show the techniques used in the work shown in the Centre of Contemporary Ceramics.

Duration: 1hour30minutes

The entire Centre of Contemporary Ceramics is accessible for people with mobility issues. Throughout the demonstration the group is seated. Seats are available throughout the exhibition visit.

Price 2017:
3.50 € per person

Price Conditions:

Reservation required. Groups must not exceed a maximum of 40 people. 

E-Mail Reservation

Visiting the potters’ village of La Borne

Whilst walking through the village, our guide invites you to take a journey through time:
  • Origins of pottery in the area
  • Traditional architecture
  • A visit to one of La Borne’s hill-climbing kilns
  • A talk about the artists who ensured that skills were passed on at the time when traditional pottery was in decline.

Back at the Ceramic Centre the guide will show you a contemporary ‘anagama’ style kiln.

Duration : 1hour30mins

The village visit may be difficult for people with mobility issues. We are available to provide you with information about this.

Tarif 2017:
3.50 € per person

Price Conditions :

Reservation required. Groups must not exceed a maximum of 40 people.

E-Mail Reservation

Beginners Sessions

For both adults and children, as individuals or in small groups, these sessions are intended  to help you discover the techniques of ceramics : modelling, glazes and working with slabs of clay.
Do you want to try your hand at throwing a pot? Why not sign up for an individual session so that you can benefit from the undivided of our course leaders when mastering this skill.

Price options for 2017:

  • 2 hour beginners session: 83 €
  • 3 hour beginners session: 107 €
  • 4 hour beginners session: 130 €

Price Conditions:

  • Reservation required
  • Maximum of 8 people
  • For adults, children and families
  • Workshop lasting a day
  • The work is unfired (firing of the work in a gas or electric kiln: 
    60 € per sheet - 30 € per half-sheet- 15 € per quarter sheet.

Please ask for a quotation for any individual project.

E-Mail Reservation

Our room is available for your meetings, buffets and cocktail and other events.
Video projector, screen, soundproofing, free unlimited wifi, tables, chairs with writing panels.
Price 2016 :
Day: 100 €
Half-day: 50 € 

E-Mail Reservation
See the description of our multimedia room.

Please make out all cheques to:"Régie Centre céramique".

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